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FAST FORWARD - Future Projects
PARTICIPATE:  A charity film screening raising funds and awareness for Bone Cancer Research Trust
PROMOTION: Creative promotion for events not limited just to social media, print or local media
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Images taken and edited professionally
Working with other companies and organisations is crucial to an events success. Equally so is ensuring all relevant licenses are in place from PRS, Film Distribution, ticket management and Event Insurance.  Negotiating rates for venues, room hire and overnight accommodation is key to keeping costs low, while respecting their individual businesses.

One way to keep those costs low is to produce all promotional material in house, so I create print material, be it posters or flyers, and have them printed locally, distribute press releases, produce a trailer for the website and YouTube, and promote each event on social media with the support from the artists or companies concerned.

In order to preserve the memory at each event, I am on hand to record them, be it photographic or video, which I share via the website and social media.  If the photographs are for a special meet and greet, then these images are uploaded and a link is sent to the individuals concerned so they can download, keep and share them.

Currently I am working on projects ranging from a charity film screening, to securing locations for Ghost Chasers to encouraging artists from overseas to visit the UK and participate in a concert.  All have their unique challenges and rewards.
PAST PROLOGUE - Building Experience
TEAM BUILDING:  Tailored events for a clients needs
COLLABORATION:  Working with others to achieve a common goal
RAPPORT:  Building relationships with others
With each event I learn something and build upon that experience.  I ask for feedback from each event including those attending the event and artists and guests who have agreed to appear, for without it I wouldn’t be able to improve and succeed.

Sometimes to promote an event I may collaborate with others.  For example, the trailer I created for Rainmaker was a collaboration of the artists concerned as they gave me permission to edit a selection of their videos and Finding Albert gave me permission to use one of their songs for the backing track which fitted very well.

The poster for Celebrate Women In Music was a collaboration with Hannah Trigwell as she used the background on her tour to promote her tour and debut album ‘RED’.  With Hannah’s kind permission it brought my event inline with her tour, as if I had designed a poster without it it would not have been as distinctive.

Things can go wrong with equipment and technology, despite your best efforts, from sound issues to laptops failing to projector lamps blowing – it happens and you have to resolve them as best as you can. Hence why I attend each event that I promote.

Sponsorship is a great way to reduce costs for an event but it is also a great opportunity to meet new people and build relationships.  I have a great relationship with Eurostar, First Transpennine Express, Hull Trains and Great Western Railway.  My introduction to BBC Radio Humberside was through appearing as a regular guest on a show which led to Ghost Chasers conducting a live investigation on air one Halloween.

Past maybe prologue, but I build on my experience and develop and learn from it.
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